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“La Mémoire du mort et le politique de la représentation ”

Memory of the Dead and the Politics of Representation

[DATE & TIME] 20th September 2008,


Key Note Lectures: 13:00〜14:00
Lecture Hall 1, Faculty of Letters No. 2 Building (Ho-bun Nigokan),
The University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus)

・Sébastien Tank-Storper (CNRS), The Attack on the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina. The Political Conversion of Memories

・Fumihiko Sueki (University of Tokyo) The War Dead and Religion in Japan

Workshop I:  14:10〜16:10
Room 215, Faculty of Letters No. l Building (Ho-bun Ichigokan)

・Mamoru Fujisaki (University of Tokyo), Memorial Construction of Anti-Semitism in the Middle Ages: Accusations of Ritual Murder and the Persecutions of 1096

・Grégoire Schlemmer (IRD), Politics of the Dead. Ancestors, the Evil Dead, and Patterns of action in the KulungRai, a Himalayan community

・Hiroe Shimauchi (University of Tokyo), How has Infant Death been understood?

・Abigail Mira Crick (CAS, LISST), “Victims of the Desert”: Moral and Political Considerations on Certain Deaths at the Border

Workshop II:  14:10〜16:10
Room 315, Faculty of Letters No.1 Building (Ho-bun Ichigokan)

・Kana Tomizawa (University of Tokyo), Memories of Deaths of the British in the British India: the case of Kolkata and other cities

・Stéphanie Mulot (University of Toulouse), Memories and Figuration of the Dead in the Slave Trade and the Slavery in the Cultural Policy of Guadeloupe

・Akira Nishimura (University of Kagoshima), Performativity of Memories: The Future Opened by Sacrificial Death

・Eric Villagordo (University of Montpellier), Representation and Memorial of September 11, 2001

Tetsuya Otoshi (University of Tokyo), Commentator

Anne Bouchy (EFEO), Commentator

General Debate

Home > Past Events > “La Mémoire du mort et le politique de la représentation ”