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International Symposium
"Dialogue on Death and Life: Views from Egypt"

【DATE】30 September 2009, Cairo
3 October 2009, Alexandria
【Host】* Global COE Program
"Development and Systematization of
 Death and Life Studies",
 Graduate School of Humanities and
 Sociology,The University of Tokyo
* NIHU Program: Islamic Area Studies,
* Supreme Council of Culture, Egypt
* Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
* Cairo Research Center, Japan Society
 for the Promotion of Science
* Center for Social Researches and
 Studies, Cairo University Faculty of Arts

Death and Life Studies (DALS): this may sound somewhat peculiar to Middle Eastern readers. This is a rather recently cultivated academic field that has been strongly promoted since 2002 under the leadership of the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology. It seeks points of contact between the Medical Field, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities, exploring a new horizon by employing not only Western advances in these fields, but also the rich Eastern cultural traditions on death and life. More specifically, the project tries to: 1. Conduct comparative cultural research concerning death and life; 2. Make philosophical and theoretical inquiry into the ethics and practices concerning death and life; and 3. Investigate the role of the Humanities at the actual level of contemporary practice concerning death and life. In addition, we intend to further develop a firm system of education and research in this field, and support younger researchers who are attracted to this field. It would be the first time ever to hold a symposium on this subject in the Middle East. This does not mean that the people there have no interest in it, or do not relate to studies on death and life. This will mark a modest but quite significant step for further promotion of Death and Life Studies in the Middle East. We sincerely hope that this symposium will contribute to the creation of a global study of death and life.

1) Date/Venue
The symposium is composed of two one-day forums. The first part will be held on 30 September 2009, at the Supreme Council of Culture, which is within the Cairo Opera House. The second part will be held on 3 October 2009, at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a very suitable locus for discussing death and life in the multicultural and multi-religious Mediterranean atmosphere.

2) Language
English will be employed as the basic language of papers and discussion. It is acceptable for an English translator to accompany presentations in Arabic.

3) Program
Cairo Forum: Beyond the Border of Death and Life
30 September 2009, Cairo 10:00-19:45
Opening Remarks
H. E. Mr. Kaoru Ishikawa (Ambassador of Japan to Egypt)

Introductory Adress
Prof. Susumu Shimazono (The University of Tokyo)

Keynote Speeches
Prof. Ahmad Zayed (Cairo University)
Prof. Soho Machida (Hiroshima University)
Comment1: Prof. Hassan Hanafi (Cairo University)
Comment2: Prof. Tetsuya Ohtoshi (The University of Tokyo)
Chair: Dr. Emad Abou Ghazi (Supreme Council of Culture - Egypt)

First Session
【This World and The Other World: From Philosophical, Theological,
and Comparative Religious Perspectives】
Prof. Izumi Suzuki (The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Kyoko Yoshida (The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Hala Fouad (Cairo University)
Chair: Prof. Hiroyuki Yanagihashi (The University of Tokyo)

Second Session
【Souls, Sprits, and Life after Death】
Dr. Hiroe Shimauchi (The University of Tokyo)
Prof. Sameeh Shallan (Cairo University)
Prof. Ahmed Morsy (Cairo University)
Chair: Prof. Mohamed Afifi (Cairo University)

Concluding Discussion
Chairs: Prof. Ahmed Zayed (Cairo University)
Prof. Tetsuya Ohtoshi (The University of Tokyo)

Alexandria Forum: Representations and Institutions of Death and Life
3 October 2009, Bibliotheca Alexandrina 10:00-19:35

Keynote Speech
Dr. Galila El Kadi (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, France)

First Session
【"Death and Life" as related to Visual Culture】
Dr. Lovay Mahmud (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
Dr. Khaled Azab (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
Prof. Akira Akiyama (The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Kana Tomizawa (The University of Tokyo)
Chair: Dr. 'Abd al-Halim Nur al-Din (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

Second Session
【Dealing with the Dead and their Bodies】
Prof. Tomoko Morikawa (Hokkaido University)
Mr. Mamoru Fujisaki (The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Maged El-Raheb (Egyptian Heritage Conservation)
Prof. Faruq Mustafa (Alexandria University)
Chair: Prof. Izumi Suzuki (The University of Tokyo)

Third Session
【Legal Aspects of Death】
Prof. Hiroyuki Yanagihashi (The University of Tokyo)
Prof. Magdi Girgis (Kafr al-Sheikh University)
Prof. Muhammad Kamal al-Din Imam (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)
Chair: Prof. Sa'id al-Daqqaq (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

Slide Show
【The Baghawat Cemetery】
Dr. Mansur ‘Uthman (Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities)

Concluding Discussion
Chairs: Prof. Soho Machida (Hiroshima University)
     Dr. Lovay Mahmud (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

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