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Images and Visions in Christian and Buddhist Culture
“Death and Life” and Visual Culture III

【Date & Time】 13 Feb. 2011(Sun),
from 10:30 pm
【Venue】 Aula 1, Faculty of Letters, Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo
Open to the public, free admittance
With simultaneous interpretation: on first-come-first-served basis

Organized by the Global COE Program: Development and Systematization of Death and Life Studies. With Support from the Department of Art History, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, the University of Tokyo and JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B): Comparative Art Historical Studies on Animated Images

Part I  10:30-12:30
Welcome Addres
Prof. Susumu SHIMAZONO (the University of Tokyo)

Opening Comments
Prof. Akira AKIYAMA (the University of Tokyo)

Keynote Address
Prof. Herbert Kessler (Johns Hopkins University)
“Painting on a Cloud: Reading Medieval Images as Reality and as Vision”

Paper I
Prof. Hiroo SATOH (Tohoku University)
“Kami and the Other Shore: Image and Visions in Japanese Pure Land Buddhism”

Part II  13:45-16:45 
Paper II
Prof. Seinosuke IDE (Kyushu University)
“Visionary Representation in Images of Worship: The Case of Buddhist Images from the Song and Yuan”

Paper III
Prof. Michele Bacci (University of Siena)
“Sacred Narratives, Holy Objects and the Visionary Experience in Late Medieval Italy”

Paper IV
Ryusuke MASUKI (Agency for Cultural Affairs)
“The Creation of the Japanese Rakshasa Woman: Song and Japanese Visions”

Paper V
Prof. Motokazu KIMATA (Nagoya University)
“Facie ad faciem”: Veronica, imprints, visions

Paper VI
Prof. Fabio Rambelli (University of Santa Barbara, California)
“Visions of the Invisible: Images and Representations in the Buddhist Tradition”

Part III  Discussion 17:15-18:30
Chairs: Takeo OKU (Agency for Cultural Affairs) / Akira AKIYAMA
シンポジウムの様子 シンポジウムの様子 シンポジウムの様子