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HOMEPast Events (21st century COE program)


December 16 "Sacred Images:A Means Of Communication With The Hereafter"
February 18-19 "Death and Beyond: Dying with Willingness and Living with the Dead"
November 26 "Care and Self-decision"
April 23 "Life and Death in Confucianism"
December 12 Symposium "Consent and Decision concerning Life and Death"2nd section
"Choices about Life and Death"
December 11 Symposium "Consent and Decision concerning Life and Death"1st section
"The Philosophy of Facing Uncertainty:Epistemic Limits, Probability, and Decision"
November 5 "Learning from 'Beteru'"
June 26 "Perspectives on Death and Life and the Actuality of Providing Care" 2nd section :
"The Clinical Aspect of Death and Perspectives on Death and Life"
June 12 "Perspectives on Death and Life and the Actuality of Providing Care" 1st section :
"Issues of Care, Education and Culture of Living and Dying"
May 16 "Realms of the Living Reflected in Graveyards and Graves"
November 28-29 "The Co-Existence of the Dead and the Living"
September 14 "Perspective on Death and Life and Psychology"
August 30 "The Great Kanto Earthquake and Documentary Films"
June 21 "Death and Life Studies and Applied Ethics" 2nd section :
"End of Life and the View of Death and Life"
June 6-7 "Death and Life Studies and Applied Ethics" 1st section :
"Beginning of Life and the View of Death and Life"
March 21 "Visions of Afterlife in East and West: Art and Thoughts" (International Symposium)


October 2 "La mort et les au-delàs II :
conception et repreacute;entations de la mort dans les arts, la religion et la culture"
September 26-29 International Conference Sries
“Japanese and Asian  Bioethics in Context“
October 29 "Bioscience and Spirituality -- a new approach to bioethics"
June 4-5 "Death and Life in Buddhism"

・Special Lecture

October 24 Prof. Christian Steineck (Bonn University)
"Japanese bioethics in a globalized world"
August 29 Prof. Rolf Verres (Heidelberg University)
"Love, Transcendence and Spiritual Care"
July 21 Prof. Leora Batnitzky (Princeton University)
"Levinas's View of Death and Its Relation to Judaism"
June 15 Prof. Peter Singer (Princeton University)
"Changing Ethics in Life and Death Decision Making"
June 12 Prof. Bernard Faure (Columbia University)
"The Jewel and the Sword: Symbols of Life and Death in Medieval Japan"
May 9,10 Prof. Nick Zangwill
"The Indifference Argument"
"Perpetrator Argument: Some Reflections on the Browning/ Goldhagen Debate"
November 11-17 Prof. John North (London University, University College of London, Department of history)
"Death and Life View of Ancient Roman People and Its Transformation"
June 30 Prof.Neal Krause (Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics at University of Oxford)
"The Ethics of the Enhancement of Human Beings"
May 31 Prof. Julian Savulescu (Michigan University)
"Religion, Aging, and Health"
May 9 Prof.Ann Mongoven (Indiana University)
"Gift of Life versus Relay of Life: Implications of Organ Donation Rhetoric"
April 8 Prof.Iwao Hirose (Oxford University)
"Aggregation and the Individualistic Restriction "
October 30 Prof.Waldemar Kippes&Werner Huth
Prof.Werner Huth
"Medical treatment and spirituality"
October 14 Prof.Roger Crisp
"How to Allocate Health Care Resources: QALYs or the Virtues? "
May 26 Prof.Megumi Sakabe (honorary Prof., the University of Tokyo)
"The Individualism of the Other --On the harukesa (or the farness) of life/death"
May 25 Prof.Allan Kellehear (La Trobe University, Australia)
"Spiritual Care Debates in Western Palliative Care"
May 18 Prof.Alex Rosenberg (Duke University, U.S.A.)
"Fitness, probability, and the principles of natural selection"
April 8 Prof.Grennys Howarth (University of Bath, U.K.)
"Current Developments in Death Studies in the UK and Europe"
October 10 Prof.Iwayumi Suzuki (Tohoku University)
"Gazing from 'the World Beyond' -- Perspectives of Death and Life Embellishing iei"
October 7 Prof.Hugh Mellor (Cambridge University)
"What does decision theory tell us ?"
June 25 Prof.Hillel Levine (Boston University)
"From Plato to Ikiru"

・Workshops of specially appointed researchers

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